The Tech

Massively scalable

AI solutions

Based on 4 decades of building AI solutions for military and civilian applications, we are creating the first AI platform that enables the creation of a diverse range of collaborative AI applications across the AI spectrum.

The AI Nexus Solution

Our technology can embody different AI techniques, algorithms and software from any source, can run autonomously in devices like IoT all the way up to the cloud (allows you to use whatever is out there).

AI applications built with our technology will be able to observe the world, reason, make recommendations and even take autonomous action.

Software that can sense, reason, act & learn

Knowledge, experience & expertise sourced from human experts



The Bridge Between

Man & Machine

The intelligence of these applications can be boosted by human expertise, meaning we don’t need the masses of data that machine learning approaches need, we are empowering the power of SMALL data.

We create hybrid applications combining machine learning with human expertise – combining recognition with cognition.

Our goal is to demystify AI and make the most advanced AI technology available to every developer & business through a transparent and intuitive process – let people use AI to make AI – help developers choose the right technique for each project they are working on.

We unleash AI to be placed

in any software or device

Explainable AI

Edge AI

Distributed AI

Cognitive AI